Achievements & Past Events.

In 2013, Katie and Gwen took part in what has been one of the most successful Sea Shepherd Antarctica campaigns to save 932 whales from being killed by the Illegal whaling fleet. Following this campaign, they were both involved in setting up new campaigns in West Africa to ght illegal commercial shing, in an effort to secure coastal African communities’ way of life and protect the delicate ecosystem that are threatened by illegal fishing.

Today, Katie and Gwen focus their effort on achieving great challenges and inspiring others. They have excelled in multiple trail-running ultra-marathon events.

In 2016, Gwen won the USA Track & Field State Championship in Montana at the 50 mile distance, where Katie placed 3rd. In 2017 Katie placed 2nd in her first 100 mile ultra-marathon, Mountain Lakes 100 in Oregon. They both qualified to complete in the Elite field of the USA Track & Field 50 mile National Championship in San Fransisco.

Katie and Gwen have completed over 20 trail running ultra marathons from the 50k to 100 mile distance.

They are now tackling new challenges with Plant-Positive that seek to not only challenge themselves on a personal level but include others to take part.

Gwen Bio.

I grew up in France, in a small town along the ocean in Brittany. I always liked challenges and helping others. My dad was in the military police and I lived my entire childhood in a military base. I admired people risking their lives to help those in need.

After high school, I joined the local firefighters as a volunteer and later joined the french army. But I wasn’t ready to settle down anywhere and wanted to travel to discover the world so I decided to go back to school and study marine engineering to work on ships and see the world. That is what brought me to a life changing experience – joining the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ships as a marine engineer. That’s when I found my true purpose, protecting the planet. I made the decision to use my skills to serve the planet.

Creating Plant-Positive is my greatest achievement because it is in total alignment with the values I have developed over the years. The challenge is immense, but like in any of my 100 mile running races, it starts with a single step, and we get it done one step at a time with the support of others!

Katie Bio.

I grew up in the small town of Sandpoint Idaho, where a multitude of life factors strongly shaped who I am today: growing up on a ranch, camping with my dad and sisters, attending a Waldorf school for 8 years, the list goes on.

I was raised to be everything but “normal”. At age 7 I stopped eating meat, started recycling, reducing my consumption of plastic and doing all I could to be more eco-friendly and compassionate.

By age 24 I had left home to travel and volunteer internationally, giving my life to protect marine wild-life wit h Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. This is where I met my future French life partner, Gwen LeTutour. It was while volunteering that we discovered the wonders of a plant-based diet for us as runners (improved recovery, strength and performance) along with the countless benefits the diet has for the planet.

I easily convinced Gwen to move back home with me to once again be in the Mountains, surrounded by nature, with my family and 8 dogs!

It is here in the mountains and wildness of Idaho that I feel most connected. My passion is trail running in the mountains, cooking plant-based food for my family, friends and the community and spreading the word about how a plant-based lifestyle has radically changed my life- and hopefully yours!